About Zadina

Premium Emirati Dates

We are the ambassador of gourmet dates and date products in the UAE. The torchbearers of the industry. Culinary artisan of finest dates and chocolates.

- Proudly Emirati -

Our Dates

Zadina is an ambassador of the world’s finest dates, offering a variety of date-based gourmet delicacies. Our mission is to bring the best of dates to the people around the world.

Our Chocolates

Our range of fine chocolates, truffles and pralines combines the best of chocolate making with flavors of the Arabic peninsula.

Our Heritage, Our Pride

Dates and date palms have been an essential part of the Middle Eastern diet and lifestyle for thousands of years. Deeply embedded in the Emirati culture, they are a symbol of Arab tradition and hospitality. Our organic farm in Al Ain is the largest organic date farm in the world. The product of a long journey and hard toil. It fills us with pride, to represent the best of the dates that the UAE has to offer.